Elevate YOURSELF and your practice to the next level.

The Yoga Institute of the Berkshires™ is a bridge between the classical foundations of yoga and a new dharma, a modern path toward a more authentic, holistic and practical method of training yoga instructors. With experienced senior and adjunct faculty, a beautiful, organic campus and a powerful curriculum and training manual, the Institute is uniquely equipped to provide you with an excellent 200-hour foundation for your journey as a yoga instructor.

Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance™ certified trainings focus on alignment-informed, intelligently sequenced Vinyasa as our primary yoga style. We emphasize calm mind, embodiment and a Tantric philosophical perspective. Our students experience deep transformation of both body and mind through the exploration of physical and philosophical yoga techniques, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology as well as greater access to your life's purpose by developing the skills of attention, integrity and leadership. 

While not all trainees become yoga teachers after graduation, everyone is highly qualified to teach if they so choose.  Our 200 hour YTT is focused and goes deep; you will learn instructional essentials that will serve you and your students in the classroom. Our goal is to empower you to offer Safe, Fun and Effective ™ yoga classes -- classes that are clear, informative and correct, embrace a sense of playfulness and humor and effectively bring your students to a place of quiet mind and peacefulness.

We invite you to invest in you.  Take 6 months to explore yourself through yoga and become the compassionate, dynamic, highly competent, deeply committed world-changer you have dreamed of being.





Alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga Proficiency

Immersive, Holistic Training

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

Classroom-ready Teaching Experience

Powerful Personal Growth & Development

Community Connection & Community Service

Convenient Weekends-Only Format

Affordable Tuition with Payment Options



Eight Limbs of Yoga

At the 200-hour level, guided by the central text The Tree of Yoga by acknowledged yoga master BKS Iyengar, we will explore five of the eight limbs of yoga: yamas (ethical standards), niyamas (personal disciplines), asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and dhyana (meditation). We will look at these classical concepts with an eye to supporting you in your personal practice as well as a foundation for Safe, Fun, Effective™ teaching.

Yamas: Leadership and Community Service

The 5 Yamas of classical yoga are ethical standards that make for a more peaceful society as well as give us, as yoga teachers, a clear mandate for our behavior in the classroom and beyond.  Ahimsa (non-harming), Satya (non-lying), Asteya (non-stealing), Brahmacharya (boundary-awareness) and Aparigraha (greedlessness) provide powerful guidelines for our teaching and our lifestyle as yogis.  These are the qualities of leadership: harmlessness, truthfulness, honesty, integrity and generosity. Through the study of classical sutras (precepts), the Institute curriculum will guide you as you strengthen your leadership skills and potential. The Institute has a commitment to community service. Yoga means "union," designed to unite us with ourselves and each other, bringing us closer to our natural state of compassion. We will create a service project together, providing an opportunity to give back, develop leadership and administrative skills, and serve others, as we are meant to as yoga teachers. This is our Karma Yoga (selfless action as a way to enlightenment), giving our YTT a purpose beyond ourselves.

Niyamas: Personal Empowerment and Growth

People take teacher training for many reasons: improved health, a deeper personal yoga practice and self-discovery are just a few of the jewels offered in yoga study. Personal growth is inevitable as we deepen our yoga exploration and that growth is supported by the tools of Niyama: Sauca (cleanliness), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (passion), Svadyaya (self-knowledge), Ishvarapranidhana (surrender).  Many of our faculty have special skills to help you on your dharma path: life coaching, massage and other embodiment therapies, kinesiology, and physical therapy modalities are built in to the way we guide you to find your truest, healthiest self.  YIB helps you walk your talk as a yoga instructor.  When you are empowered, your teaching will naturally be authentic.

Asana: Alignment, Cueing, Sequencing, Anatomy and Assisting

Focusing on the Institute's "Dharma of the Classroom,"  at graduation you will be able to facilitate a Safe, Fun and Effective™ yoga class. We will explore in depth Beginner and Advanced Beginner poses, linking cueing, sequencing and the anatomy and energetics of each pose to help you develop an holistic understanding of yogasana. You will become skilled in the principles of instruction, demonstration, observation, assisting and correction, voice and communication, and time management. Additionally, you will become adept at yoga class design for all levels of ability.  You will develop basic proficiency in human physical anatomy and physiology and begin to understand energy anatomy and physiology as these sciences apply to yoga instruction. We will also explore the physical and health benefits of yoga.

Pranayama: Presence and Classroom Management

Dhyana: Meditation and Dharma


Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching

Pedagogy is defined as the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education; it is the study of how best to teach. We have all found ourselves in poorly taught yoga classes, classes where the poses were not taught safely, where the teacher struggled to communicate effectively or was disorganized or just plain too serious.  After decades of leading classes and workshops, we are experts at teaching you how to teach a class that is not only safe, but effectively moves your students toward the purpose of yoga -- a calm mind -- and have fun while doing it. A modern leader in yoga education, YIB co-founder Gillian Gorman will help you develop a personal teaching style, one that embodies your voice, your personality and gives you an opportunity to express your unique gifts, fully supported by proven teaching practices, in the classroom.  With an Ed. M in Teaching and Curriculum Development, YIB co-founder Kat Whitney is uniquely qualified to share the Art of Teaching.  Highly trained at Harvard by world-class educators Sarah Lightfoot Lawrence, Howard Gardner, and Carole Gilligan, Kat brings years of experience and expertise on the soul of teaching and how students learn, as well as practical methodologies. With a light touch and wicked senses of humor, both Gillian and Kat advocate for less sanctimony and more joy in yoga classes.   Our integrated base of knowledge in asana, pranayama and meditation will give you a firm grasp on the science of yoga, giving you workable, viable, authentic teaching skills to start your career with confidence.

The Business of Yoga

Let's face it.  Yoga is a business. And there is nothing wrong with making a living doing what you love.  Both Gillian and Kat have years of experience running studios and running virtual yoga teaching businesses.  We will spend our last weekend module sharing our secrets and practical information on how to run a successful yoga business, whether you want to teach in other institutions (schools, corporations, clinical settings), open a studio or simply invite a few friends for weekly practice at your home studio.  We are here to support you in abundance and help you build your yoga career.